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Highway Engineering

  • Highways
  • Intersections
  • Interchanges
  • Residential Subdivision Roadway Improvements
  • Commercial Site Roadway Improvements
  • Mixed-Use Site Roadway Improvements
  • Hiker/Biker Facilities
  • ADA Accessibility
  • Storm Drainage
  • Storm water Management

  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Construction Specifications
  • Cost Estimates
  • Shop Drawing Reviews
  • Construction Bid Support for Clients
  • Construction Sequencing
  • Maintenance of Traffic – Pedestrian & Vehicular
  • Permit Acquisition
  • Client and Public Presentations
  • Public Outreach

Civil Engineering/Transportation Services From AB Consultants, Inc.

Civil engineering transportation services from AB Consultants include everything from highway design to utility infrastructure and stormwater control plans. Our experienced civil engineering design staff is made up of design engineers and draftspersons experienced in transportation, subdivision, park, commercial and institutional projects for public and private development clients.

AB’s engineering staff is experienced and well-trained in all the latest engineering and computer drafting programs. We are also committed to staying up-to-date on the latest design standards, criteria and technology.

A Range of Civil Engineering/Transportation Services From AB

Civil engineering is an aspect of nearly every project AB takes on. Our Civil Engineering department is responsible for providing the following site civil serves to our clients:

  • Roadway, street and highway design
  • Site plans
  • Grading
  • ADA-accessibility and pedestrian ramps
  • Curb and gutter design
  • Utility infrastructure design
  • Hydrology and hydraulics, storm drainage, stormwater management and erosion and sediment control plans
  • Maintenance of traffic plans
  • Obtaining permits for all phases of construction

With AB’s close proximity to two large cities, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, Maryland, we perform most of our work on major highways and locations with high foot traffic. One of our most recent projects involved renovations to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) bus system. Our civil engineering staff redesigned the stations, bus shelters, parking lots and platforms to make them ADA-compliant and functional.

Our engineers are trained to consider everything about a site as they create their designs, from stormwater management and draining to the curbs and gutters. Plus, our engineers communicate directly with AB’s survey crews and office staff to ensure we complete every project as efficiently as possible.

Contact AB for More Information About Our Civil Engineering/Transportation Services

Almost every one of AB’s projects requires the attention of our Civil Engineering department. Since it is such a crucial component of most of our work, we invest in our civil engineers and the services they provide. Staff training and education is a large focus of this discipline, which allows us to give our clients the quality engineering services they need.

To learn more about AB’s SUE services and how we can contribute to the success of your project, contact us today. We proudly serve clients in Maryland, Washington, D.C., Delaware and Virginia.

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