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Pipeline Assessments/CCTV Services From AB Consultants, Inc.

Our CCTV department helps our clients identify the condition of a pipeline or manhole before beginning work — this way, they can protect themselves from being blamed for any pre-existing damage. We will also identify whether the client will need to design around a pipeline, replace it completely or if it’s in a good enough condition to connect with another pipe.

CCTV is one of the most versatile services that contractors, municipalities and engineers can benefit from. This service can prove their project was completed properly, as well as view internal infrastructure and integrity of pipelines before, during and after rehabilitation. CCTV inspections can be used to plan maintenance strategies, or in conjunction with pipeline cleaning services in order to increase efficiency.

CCTV Pipeline and Manhole Inspection Services From AB

CCTV pipeline inspection and assessment is the state-of-the-art method for viewing the condition and integrity of internal infrastructure, typically storm drainage and sanitary sewers, to plan for maintenance, rehabilitation or replacement.

To do this, our CCTV crews conduct a condition assessment of a pipeline, complete with videos and a written report indicating the condition of that specific pipe. Potential issues could include cracks, leaks, inflow or infiltration issues, tree root intrusion and other damages. Our team will also conduct an assessment after construction is complete to verify the work did not compromise the newly constructed pipeline system.

AB performs CCTV inspection services utilizing NASSCO-certified operators and technicians (PACP, MACP & LACP) who operate a self-propelled camera. Our CCTV truck is equipped with the hardware, software and equipment to perform pipeline inspections.

Pipeline Cleaning and Flushing

Prior to videoing the pipeline and manholes, should cleaning be necessary, AB has an Aquajet cleaning and vacuum truck and crew to perform cleaning and flushing. We can perform the cleaning operation as part of the CCTV inspection or independently, depending on the client’s needs.

AB’s NASSCO-certified technicians are trained to code defects of manholes and pipes to industry standards. Our manhole and/or pipeline CCTV video assessment reports are also prepared by a certified technician and provided to the client and/or a Professional Engineer. These reports will be used to determine the most effective manner in which to maintain, rehabilitate or replace the manholes and/or pipes.

Along with CCTV visual inspection services, owner agencies often utilize smoke and dye testing. AB can perform this service, as well.

Contact AB for More Information About Our Pipeline Assessments/CCTV Services

AB’s CCTV department always strives to help our clients in the Baltimore-Washington region to find the most affordable solution to any issues. In most situations, an underground pipe will not need to be completely replaced. Instead, our team will identify specific areas of a pipeline with considerable damage that should be replaced, a technique known as sectional point repair.

Most of the time, pipes between five and 10 years or older have some sort of deterioration that should be addressed. While not all damage requires immediate action, about 20 to 40 percent of facilities typically do need some sort of work.

To learn more about AB’s Pipeline Assessments/CCTV services and how we can contribute to the success of your project, contact us today. We proudly serve clients in Maryland, Washington, D.C., Delaware and Virginia.

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